The Most Traveled
Man on Earth

by Lew Toulmin
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Most Traveled Man
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Why This Adventure and Exotic Travel Book is Unique

OK, so you’re thinking of buying The Most Traveled Man on Earth, but you’re not sure. Here are some reasons why this book is unique and worthy of your hard-earned $16.95:

The bizarre 1934 McQuay Norris Streamliner, one of six built, and the only surviving example. The engine is under the dash, the driver sits six feet behind the windshield, and there are no window wipers—a truly unique car. This unique car participated in The Great Race, as described in The Most Traveled Man on Earth.

  • I’ve read hundreds, probably thousands, of travel books. I consciously tried to make this one different, with lots of topics that no-one else has written about, knows about, or just got wrong.

  • No other book describes the “most traveled men on earth,” and how and why they do what they do in their fascinating competition.

  • No other book gives you three lists of countries, so you can tot up your “score” and compare it to the Most Traveled Men.

  • No other book will tell you the true story of the Knights Templar today, what good projects they are up to, who their Royal Sponsor is, and what they look for in members.

  • No other book will give you tips on running with the bulls at Pamplona, if you are keen to get started!

  • No other book tells you what the best fruit on earth is – I’ll bet you never heard of it!

  • No other book describes the Great Race and the Around the World Car Rally – two fabulous events that the mainline press totally ignored.

  • No other book gives you lists of the greatest classic Time/Speed/Distance car rallies in the US and Europe, and gives tips on how you can participate at low cost.

  • No other book explores the “History vs. Hollywood” truth behind some of the most famous movies of all time.

  • No other book tells you how to do Burmese leg-rowing—but don’t try this at home!

  • No other book tells you how to lose weight –without exercise! (Just have your belly slapped 25,000 times!)

  • No other book has fascinating interviews with the First Lady of East Timor, a former spy and ballerina; with the Secretary-General of the island paradise “Bali Hai;” or with a cabin stewardess who just might be an angel.