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Lew has been interested in classic cars since high school. He owns a 1968 “Bullitt” Mustang identical to the famous Steve McQueen movie car, which was recently re-discovered and shown to the public. The Toulmin “Bullitt” has been driven all over the country, including:
  • In the 2005 Great Race, from the Capitol in Washington DC to Tacoma, Washington, 4000 miles
  • Along all of the National Road from Maryland to Illinois, and all of Route 66, from Chicago to Santa Monica, 5000 miles
  • Up the entire California, Oregon and Washington coastline, on the Pacific Coast Highway and other roads, 1800 miles
  • Along the Lewis and Clark Trail from Portland and on to Washington DC, 4000 miles
  • In various time/speed/distance rallies, in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, 1500 miles
Lew has also covered numerous classic car rallies for The Montgomery Sentinel, International Travel News, and other publications, including the Around the World Rally in the year 2000, the Peking to Paris classic car rally in 2010, and various Great Races across the US, including the 2018 Great Race from Buffalo, New York to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The downloadable stories and briefings below give details on these adventures.

Great Race 2018 - Part 1 (PDF)

Great Race 2018 - Part 2 (PDF)

Great Race 2018 - Part 3 (PDF)

Across America on the National Road and Route 66 in a 1968 "Bullitt" Mustang: A Photographic Briefing

Up the Pacific Coast Highway in a 1968 "Bullitt" Mustang: A Photographic Briefing

Down the Lewis and Clark Trail in a 1968 "Bullitt" Mustang: A Photographic Briefing

Driving All of Route 66: Part 1

Driving All of Route 66: Part 2

Driving All of Route 66: Part 3

Driving The National Road

Across Iran in Classic Cars

The Great Race 2005

Baltimore Grand Snafu (pdf)

GR logo

Brad Phillips with the Auburn

Brad Phillips rally driver

Buick on its side in the Great Race in near-fatal accident

Aftermath of accident

Video showing the near fatal accident on Mt. Washington, New Hampshire during the Great Race in 2018

The Toulmin 1968 “Bullitt” Mustang on the Washington, DC Mall in 2018, with the original Steve McQueen “Bullitt” Mustang in the distance, in a glass exhibition box

Just another run-of-the-mill car on the 2010 Peking to Paris car rally

Not many car washes between Mongolia and Turkey

Frank Bullitt style SFPD badge

The Launching Pad restaurant man near the start of Route 66

The Cadillac Ranch on Route 66

Lew and his 1968 "Bullitt" Mustang at the Grand Canyon