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Since publishing The Most Traveled Man on Earth in 2006, Lew hasn’t stopped cruising and traveling. The stories below describe some of his adventures at sea, his search for the legendary “green flash” and the even rarer “blue flash,” tips on snorkeling, how to get cruise bargains and how to avoid sea-sickness, and mini-biographies of some fascinating cruising personalities. 

For ten years Lew served as the Cruise Editor for International Travel News, and has taken 34 cruises, spending over a year at sea.

In the spring of 2019, Lew and Susan took a cruise aboard the HAL ship Westerdam around Japan during the cherry blossom season, also stopping in the strange but interesting city of Vladivostok, Russia. In November 2019 they cruised from Barcelona to Miami aboard the Norwegian Star. (Note: In February 2020 the Westerdam was refused entry by five Asian ports due to Covid 19 infections, but was eventually allowed to disembark its passengers in Cambodia. The Norwegian Star 2019 trans-Atlantic crossing was its last before the coronavirus tsunami hit the cruise industry.)

Lew also gives you tips on how to prepare for a cruise, how to organize a cheap last minute “distressed” cruise, how to avoid the dreaded “single supplement” and the even more dreaded “norovirus,” and how to make your cruise tell a beautiful story!

List of Toulmin Cruises as of 2020(PDF)

Japan Circumnavigation part 1(PDF)

Japan Circumnavigation part 2(PDF)

Japan Circumnavigation part 3(PDF)

Japan Circumnavigation part 4(PDF)

As Easy as ABC - Noordam Cruise part 1(PDF)

As Easy as ABC - Noordam Cruise part 2(PDF)

Avoiding Norovirus(PDF)

Avoiding the Single Supplement - MS(PDF)

Braemar Rules the Waves(PDF)

Caribbean Cruise Line -- Crummy or Cool(PDF)

Last Minute Cruising: How to Do It(PDF)

Star Flyer from Spain to the Canaries, Part 1(PDF)

Star Flyer from Spain to the Canaries, Part 2(PDF)

Things to do before a cruise Part 1(PDF)

Things to do before a cruise Part 2(PDF)

Pitcairn -- Mutiny, Sovereignty and Scandal(PDF)

New Ships Under Construction

Chasing French Cheese

Cruise Line Quick Reviews

Cruise the Erie Canal

Cruising the Burgundy Canal

Discovery around the Black Sea

Make Your Cruise Tell a Beautiful Story

Mal de Mer -- Pas de Probleme

Cruise up the Intracoastal Waterway

Death of the Fish

Food Afloat: Compared to What?

Rowing the Atlantic

The Green Flash

How Not to Gain Weight on a Cruise

How to Use the Economic Downturn to Get a Cheap Cruise

The Most Relaxing Way to See Europe

Cruise Through Papua New Guinea, the Solomons and Vanuatu(PDF)

Modernizing the Panama Canal

Sail a Tall Ship to Adventure(PDF)

Pastry Cruise Through Europe(PDF: 32 KB)

Cruising the Dalmatian Coast

Tips on Snorkeling Part 1

Tips on Snorkeling, Part 2

Star Princess Rises Like a Phoenix

Sailing aboard Star Clipper

Profile of Frederic, Cruise Director on Star Clipper

Cruising with Claire on Mandalay

Cruise Chef of 100 Kitchens

Death of a Sailor: Steve Thomas

Author Toulmin and Noordam moored at Bonaire.

View of a village on Santorini

The big attraction in Albania -- pillboxes

Emperor Diocletian on the Dalmatian Coast

Women of Maewo island, Vanuatu in a playful waterfight. Vanuatu can be visited via cruise ships sailing from Sydney and Brisbane, Australia.