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There are perhaps 300 to 400 clubs around the world that are similar to the traditional British clubs famous in English literature. These are not country clubs, yacht clubs or faculty clubs, but rather are usually city clubs where national, business and community leaders gather for fellowship, dining and networking. These private clubs are almost always closed to the public, but if you are in a “reciprocal” network, you may be able to enter as a guest. Since some clubs have bedrooms, you may even be able to stay in some clubs, often at rates lower than at nearby hotels. Many of these clubs are so fascinating, historical and opulent that they are destinations in themselves. To learn more about these attractive destinations, read the piece below on “Living the London Club Life,” then examine the various descriptions of the clubs we have visited. Happy travels!

Living the London Club Life (PDF)

London and UK Clubs

Bucks Club, London (PDF)

East India Club, London (PDF)

Frontline Club, London (PDF)

Oxford and Cambridge Club, London (PDF)

Royal Automobile Club, London (PDF)

Savile Club, London (PDF)

Sloane Club, London (PDF)

Travellers Club London -- Sentinel 2018 (PDF)

The Travellers Club, Pall Mall, London (PDF)

Lansdowne Club, Mayfair, London (PDF)

The Caledonian Club, Belgravia, London (PDF)

The Carleton Club, London (PDF)

The Reform Club, Pall Mall, London (PDF)

New Club of Edinburgh, Scotland (PDF)

Royal Northern and University Club, Aberdeen, Scotland (PDF)

Asia-Pacific Clubs

Adelaide Club, Australia (PDF)

Athenaeum Club, Melbourne (PDF)

Australian Club, Melbourne (PDF)

British Club of Bangkok (PDF)

Melbourne Club, Melbourne, Australia (PDF)

Northern Club, Auckland (PDF)

The Buyuk Kulup Club in Istanbul (PDF)

New York Clubs

Fort Orange Club, Albany NY (PDF)

Cornell Club NYC (PDF)

Harvard Club NYC (PDF)

Penn Club NYC (PDF)

Princeton Club NYC (PDF)

Yale Club NYC (PDF)

USA Clubs in the South

Charlotte City Club, NC (PDF)

Norfolk Yacht and Country Club, Virginia (PDF)

USA West Coast Clubs

Santa Barbara Club (PDF)

University Club of Santa Barbara (PDF)

Jonathan Club of Los Angeles (PDF)

California Club of Los Angeles (PDF)

Athenaeum, Pasadena, CA (PDF)

Metropolitan Club, San Francisco, CA (PDF)

San Francisco Yacht Club, Belvedere, CA (PDF)

University Club, San Francisco, CA (PDF)

Briefings on Foreign and Domestic Clubs

Reciprocal Clubs Briefing --Domestic (PDF)

Reciprocal Clubs Briefing -- Foreign (PDF)

Sir Wilfred Thesiger, KBE, DSO, FRAS, FRSL, FRGS, ex-SAS, famous explorer, and member of The Travellers Club of London.
Entrance to the Yale Club in NYC
The hot salt room of the Buyuk Kulup Club in Istanbul

Boodle's Club -- very exclusive

The Athenaeum Club in London

The Reform Club on Pall Mall in London