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If you have read The Most Traveled Man on Earth, you know that genealogy can be fun and adventurous. Lew proves this point again by trying to find the missing town of his great-ggg-grandfather, one of the founders of Alabama. He also tracks down a World War II soldier who lost his dog tag on a remote South Pacific island, joins more lineage societies than you ever knew existed, and reflects on the Jamestowne 400 celebrations. 

Lew then traces and proves his family tree back for 54 generations! And he shows you how you, too, can climb this “Mt. Everest of Genealogy.”

Lew provides a briefing on the amazing life of his only Irish ancestor, the famous King Brian Boru, traces his ancestry to the founders and builders of Mobile, New Orleans and Pensacola (the Trudeaus and Burels), and writes the first-ever biography of Brigadier General Andrew Williamson, the “Benedict Arnold of South Carolina,” who fought for the Patriots in the American Revolution, then assisted the British, then became a double agent for the Patriots!

Who says genealogy is boring?!!!!

The Qualities of Helen Duggar Conwell(PDF)

Toulmin-Juzan-Trudeau-Burel Deep South Gen Quar 2015-05 MAY(PDF)

Toulmin-Juzan-Trudeau-Burel Deep South Gen Quar AUG 2015(PDF)

Toulmin-Juzan-Trudeau-Burel Deep South Gen Quar 2015-11 NOV(PDF)

Toulmin-Juzan-Trudeau-Burel Deep South Gen Quar 2016-02 FEB(PDF)

Gen. Andrew Williamson: the First Major Double Agent in US History:
from the Journal of Backcountry Studies, part 1

Gen. Andrew Williamson: the First Major Double Agent in US History:
from the Journal of Backcountry Studies, part 2

Gen. Andrew Williamson: A Rotten Fruit in My Family Tree? Part 1(PDF)

The Life of Revolutionary Gen. Andrew Williamson: An "Obnoxious Person?" Part 2(PDF)

The Search for White Hall, the Missing Plantation of Gen. Andrew Williamson -- Part 3(PDF)

Briefing on the Greatest Crimes Against Genealogy and History(PDF)

Briefing on Judge Harry T. Toulmin Letters(PDF)

Briefing on the History of the Duggar/Dugger Family of Wales, Virginia and Alabama(PDF)

The Search for the Lost Ghost Town of Judge Harry Toulmin(PDF)

The Search for Brian Boru, High King of Ireland in the Year 1000(PDF)

A Line of Descent from the Founders of Louisiana and Alabama Down to the Present:
Application to the First Families of Louisiana
(PDF: 817 KB)

The Mount Everest of Genealogy

Finding the Lost Ghost Town of Washington Courthouse

The Search for the Grave of Judge Harry Toulmin

The Lost Dog Tag of Sergeant Raymond Brett

Lew Toulmin's Memberships in over 40 Genealogical Societies You Never Heard Of

Post Mortem on Jamestown 400

Miniature medals of various hereditary societies
Closeup of Expedition team in Washington County
1831 Washington Court House map
Judge Harry Toulmin plaque at Baldwin County Courthouse
Lew holds Explorers Club flag while looking for a lost ghost town

Sergeant Raymond Brett's Lost Dog Tag