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Below are some great traditional songs and sea shanties, with lyrics written or re-written by Lew. Enjoy!

Covid Prison Blues (PDF)

Amelia Earhart -- Find Me the Lass That's Gone (PDF)

Niku Boat Song (PDF)

Off We Go into the Wild Bird Guano (PDF)

Campaign song for Kim Schrier 2018 (PDF)

Boney Was a Warrior (PDF)

Garryowen (PDF)

Ghost Whalers in the Sky (PDF)

Happy Birthday -- Huh! (PDF)

Hurrah for the Pride of Baltimore (PDF)

Injun Warriors in the sky (PDF)

Jeanie Johnston Was Her Name (PDF)

Jeanie Johnston, Charleson to Washington DC (PDF)

Mingulay Boat Song (PDF)

Over the Hills and Far Away -- Indian Warriors version (PDF)

Rollin Down to Old Maewo (PDF)

Saddam's Hole (PDF)

Sixteen tons, maritime version (PDF)

Skye Boat Song -- Outlander -- expanded (PDF)

Ten Thousand Miles Away (PDF)

The Kerembei Boat Song (PDF)

The Pirates of Penzance and The Crown Jewels (PDF)

The Wild Colonial Boy (PDF)

The Wire of Baltimore (PDF)

There's Whiskey in the Jar (PDF)

Passenger climbs up mast on Star Flyer
Star Flyer alongside the dock in Malaga

Tall ship in the sunset

The French replica warship Hermione

The Niagara on Lake Erie