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Recommended links:

Car Rallies ("Time/speed/distance" or "regularity" rallies)

Northeast Rally Club: runs classic car rallies in Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Almost all proceeds go to local charities. Lew is a member.

Endurance Rally Association: organizers of the amazing 2000 Around the World in 80 Days classic car rally, the 2010 and 2013 Peking to Paris Motor Challenges, the 2012 TransAmerica rally, and many others. See and

HERO: Historic Endurance Rallying Organization: organizes the famous Scottish Malts rally each year, the grueling Le Jog (Land’s End to John O’Groats) rally, and numerous other very well prepared rallies.

The Great Race: now re-organized, sets up 10 day rallies each year, with classic cars ranging up to 110 years old!

Mammoth American La France at the Turkish
Mammoth American La France at the Turkish—Greek border checkpoint on the Pekng to Paris 2010 rally.

Exploration and travel organizations

The Travelers’ Century Club—a great club, for people who have traveled to 100+ countries or sovereign territories. Has regional chapters, and provides for "junior" or "aspirant" members who have been to 75+ countries.

The Explorers Club—over 100 years old, the world’s premier organization for exploration. The honorary head was Sir Edmund Hillary, conqueror of Everest, until his death in 2008. The Explorers Club Flag has been carried to both Poles, the deepest ocean trench, the top of Everest, and to the Moon. Lew carried the Explorers Club Flag on his Washington Court House, Alabama expedition, his Williamson South Carolina search, and his Vanuatu “Bali Hai” expedition.

Lew and team of volunteers and archaeologists carry the Explorers Club Flag
Lew and team of volunteers and archaeologists carry the Explorers Club Flag while hunting for the grave of Judge Harry Toulmin, one of the founders of Alabama.

Heritage and lineage organizations

Daughters of the American Revolution. Has a fabulous library in downtown DC near the White House. Their library catalog is searchable on-line.

Hereditary Order of the Families of the Presidents and First Ladies of America: Organization for descendants or cousins of any US President or First Lady, or the President or First Lady of the CSA, Republic of Texas, Republic of California, or Republic of West Florida.

Hereditary Society Community: umbrella organization and website which lists all the active hereditary and lineage societies in the US, with links, pictures of their medals and insignia, and many other useful items.

Lew with his membership medals in Hereditary Society Community organizations.
Lew with his membership medals in Hereditary Society Community organizations.

Links to Some of the Most Traveled People on Earth

Charles Veley: has a website with lists of many of the world’s most traveled people and their “scores” on Veley’s list of countries and territories. On his own list, Veley is in the lead as “the most traveled man on Earth.”

Jeff Shea: a mountaineer who has conquered Everest and all seven of the world’s tallest mountains, with his own list of over 3000 provinces and states, based on the International Standards Organization list of countries and sub-units:

Gig Gwin, the world’s most traveled Travel Agent, and contender for the title of "Most Traveled Man."

Charles Veley, the Most Traveled Man, and his friends.
Charles Veley, the Most Traveled Man, and his friends.

Travel gear

Red Oxx luggage: terrifically strong soft-sided luggage with no wheels to maximize space, and to keep you in shape during those long expedition hikes through the airports of the world:

L.L. Bean: classic travel clothes and gear. Great store in Maine and now opening stores around the US.

Tilley Hats: most well traveled persons and "extreme" travelers eventually find and then swear by these great Canadian hats.

TravelSmith: very versatile travel gear.