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This section provides copies of a selection of the academic and professional publications and presentations developed by Lew Toulmin over the years. These cover the following topics:
  • Disaster and emergency management
  • Emergency communications
  • Telecommunications and ICT (information and communications technologies) policy
  • Privatization
  • E-government
  • Public employee unions and their budget search behavior and impact on public spending
  • The use of equity criteria to distribute urban public services.
  • Genealogy and history of some of the founders of New Orleans and Mobile
  • History of the “Benedict Arnold of South Carolina,” who was also the first General-grade double agent in the Revolution.
Note that professional publications developed in or for Vanuatu between 2012 and 2016 are presented in the Vanuatu section.

Female Chiefs of Vanuatu in Asia Pacific Journal June 2017(PDF)

Jim Thompson Cave Article 2017 (pdf)

Toulmin-Juzan-Trudeau-Burel Deep South Gen Quar 2015-05 MAY(PDF)

Toulmin-Juzan-Trudeau-Burel Deep South Gen Quar AUG 2015(PDF)

Toulmin-Juzan-Trudeau-Burel Deep South Gen Quar 2015-11 NOV(PDF)

Toulmin-Juzan-Trudeau-Burel Deep South Gen Quar 2016-02 FEB(PDF)

Williamson article in Journal of Backcountry Studies pt 1(PDF)

Williamson article in Journal of Backcountry Studies pt 2(PDF)

Telecommunications Sector of Vietnam(PDF)

Development of the Telecommunications Sector in Less Developed Countries, Toulmin, 1994, Pacific Telecoms Council(PDF)

Disaster Preparedness and Regional Training on Nine Caribbean Islands, Toulmin, 1987, Disasters(PDF)

Equity as a Decision Rule in Determining the Distribution of Urban Public Services, Toulmin, 1988, Urban Affairs Quarterly(PDF)

Thailand e-gov Assessment(PDF)

The Impact of Intergovernmental Distance on Disaster Communications, Toulmin, 1989, Intl Journal of Mass Emergencies(PDF)

The National Communications System, Toulmin, 1991, Contingency Journal(PDF)

The Treasure Hunt - Budget Search Behavior by Public Employee Unions, Toulmin, 1988, Public Administration Review(PDF)

Disaster History, Impacts and Myths(PDF)

Privatization Brief(PDF)