The Most Traveled
Man on Earth

by Lew Toulmin
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New Land Adventures
Vanuatu Mon Amour
Travel and Politics
Finding Lost Airplanes
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Most Traveled Man
Quotes about
The Most Traveled Man on Earth:

“This book is interesting and accurate, with a lot of really unique stories…”
John D. Clouse, Evansville, IN (Clouse is one of the two Most Traveled Men on Earth)

“This book is thoroughly enjoyable, a terrific read…”
Mary Van Antwerp, Fairhope, AL

“Reading The Most Traveled Man on Earth is the next best thing to traveling…”
Brian Lore, Washington, DC

“I laughed out loud at the part on breaking the 100-country barrier…”
Suzanne Barnhill, Fairhope, AL

“I can’t put your new book down—it’s great!”
Mary Helen Duggar, Jacksonville, FL

“We love it! I am savoring every story!”
Clair Ross Hamlin, Mobile, AL

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Most Traveled Man on Earth. I want to get three more copies for Christmas gifts…”
Professor Anne Murphy, St. Petersburg, FL

“I enjoyed your book very much, and thanks for the prompt delivery…”
Pat Portier, Fairhope, AL

The Most Traveled Man on Earth is a delightful book for the seasoned traveler and the arm chair traveler alike. The book is filled with interesting information about little known places in the world and written in very readable style. Toulmin's knowledge and sense of humor shine through on every page…”
Dr. Michael D. Patrick, Fairhope, AL

“There aren’t any typos—that’s rare these days. And your book is great—of course I have to say that because I’m your neighbor!”
Dr. Greg Keating, Silver Spring, MD